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susan ryals May 28, 2024, 7:28 PM Hello Michelle, Thank you! The pictures really show off the beauty of the arrangement. You have an artistic touch for sure. The butterflies are really a sweet accent. Like your idea of the buds as they will open with time. Did a WhatsApp app conversation with Maria and Manuel. She was very pleased with the bouquet. Will use you again for other special occasions. Truly appreciated your time and help! Respectfully Yours, Susan Ryals and Nick Olivares Sent from my T-Mobile

Mon, May 6, 2024, 8:08 a.m. Carole Vasiloff wrote: Sent from my iPhone I just wanted to express “thank you “ for the outstanding customer service your florist provided. The arrangement was fresh and designed with great care. My personal contact with you and your contact with the recipient was also outstanding. Please know that I would use and recommend your florist for any future orders Carole

May 4, 2024, 2:51 PM Michelle!! What a GORGEOUS arrangement; thank you SO MUCH!! ALL of the flowers were so beautiful, and the blue ones were just perfect for my brother. I didn’t know this bouquet would be the ONLY flowers there, so I’m doubly delighted! I’m just about to forward the photos to my family in Norway. I’m afraid my family in Calgary is all getting up in years, so in sad anticipation of future events, I’m wondering if you deliver to other parts of the city? Again, Michelle; thank you so much! I was hoping to have time after the event to stop at your shop and thank you in person, but your shop was closed by the time the event finished. I’m already back on the island; we left this morning. I so appreciate you; your kindness and skills made the Celebration of Life much more bearable. I was seated right beside the flowers for the entire service. 😊 Sincerely Gayleen Hurl,

Apr 4, 2024, 11:52 AM Thank you so much for sending these photos and for creating this gorgeous work of art. It is absolutely lovely. I am glad you felt free to make changes because you are the artist after all. I always like balance without symmetry so this is PERFECT! Take care and best wishes with your floral business. Kathryn Murray,

Apr 2, 2024, 3:12 PM Hello Michelle, Thank you so much for sending the photos of the arrangement. It is beautiful! I love the pussy willows and the orchids! All of the colors came together so well. Just perfect. Thank you! This arrangement will bring many days of joy to Bernice, who is celebrating a milestone birthday, on the back side of just losing her husband of 53 years. I am so glad 'I found you.' Really appreciate your attention to detail and it was such a pleasure placing this order with you. I had full confidence that it would be perfect. Warm regards,

Morena Miranda Mar 30, 2024, 4:17 PM Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for going above and beyond. I apologize for all the inconvenience around Nikki not responding. 🥺 The flowers look gorgeous! Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to ordering again from your boutique. 💕 Morena

Sept 25/23 6:17pm Beautiful flowers and excellent service with real heart! Thank you Michelle for delivering such a beautiful selection to my Mom in hospital. She loved the roses and called me right away to give thanks.

Aalo Duha

July, 2023. Thank you for creating a stunning arrangement for a family member’s funeral and going above and beyond to communicate with me out of business hours to work around the 14 hour time difference here in Australia. Your efforts were greatly appreciated!!

Inger Johnston

August 2023. I ordered flowers for the first time and it was such a pleasure doing business with her! I had given the wrong address and she went above and beyond to get the flowers delivered. She also emailed me a photo of them, since she was aware that the recipient may not be well enough to respond to me. They were beautiful! Much appreciated, Michelle!

Diana Woods

I've been meaning to message you for so long, I'm so sorry it's taken me a while... but oh Michelle, I can't thank you enough for all the INCREDIBLE hard work you did for our wedding day!! When we walked into the reception we were entranced by how beautiful everything looked, it was astonishing!!... you did extraordinary work and such careful designing, you should feel so proud of your work! Ike was blown away... the urns, my bouquet, Ike's boutineer, the flowers on the cake table, all the garlands... when we walked up to the head table I honestly couldn't believe my eyes, it looked better than I even imagined and hoped it would... so thank you so very much!!! We are so grateful. And THANK YOU for the Valentine's Day flowers you just orchestrated with ike! That was such a wonderful surprise!!! Like I said, you should take so much pride in your work Michelle! You are very gifted with your eye for beauty. AND I've been meaning to message you to forward some photos to you from the wedding! I'll attach them here. Or if you want me to send them a different way as well just let me know okay! You're the best 👏🏽

Sincerely, Rebecca Jane Wipf

Good morning. I called yesterday morning with a same day delivery order for my friend who lives in your area. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my order and getting the delivery to her so quickly. She sent me a photo and the flowers are stunning! You did a great job and it was most appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chris Knight

Michelle - I cannot thank you enough for your flowers for our wedding. My jaw dropped when I saw my bouquet!! Every garland and bouquet was perfect and made our venue so ethereal! I am so so happy I was able to have you as our florist. It really means so much! The second I have my photos in I will share them with you so you can see your work!! Sending love!!


Michelle was so amazing! She helped me with exactly what I needed for my dad. I live in Ontario and she made it so nice and easy getting my dad's gift to him.

Darlene Chenard Gilbert

I want to thank you for the bears and delivery today, the girls love their new stuffy friends and have a little something to hug and snuggle close to when they are feeling sad. I searched high and low online on Saturday for good quality teddy bears and you were the only one to have them so I just want to also say thank you for offering more than flowers and even though I don’t live in the city, I have plenty of family, like these girls and their Mom, and plenty of friends who I can be sure to direct your way when they are looking for flowers. Thank You Again

Jennifer Sims

Oh Michelle, how absolutely beautiful you arranged the flowers and how perfect your selection of them! Vera actually called me at 3:00 to thank me. She was over the top with excitement and joy at seeing the arrangement and receiving the brooch and little ornament. I am so glad that everything worked out so well. I thank you very much for your skill and patience, Linda Anne


Thanks, Michelle, for the wonderful service. My teacher received the flowers and she's overjoyed. She sent me a picture of it too. The card was very thoughtfully printed. Well done! Have a great day! Best regards from Singapore,

Koah Fong-

We attended the late Donna Ward's funeral today and saw the beautiful arrangement you had prepared. It was so lovely. We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such care to make the flower arrangement a special part of the service. Warm regards,--

Anita Sejersen

Thank you Michelle! They are beautiful - I’ve already heard back from the recipients ! Wow, great service 😊☀️ Thank you so much!!

Susan Fanning

Thank you Michelle. Bobbie called me when she got the flowers and said she thought it was the most beautiful bouquet she had ever been given and she had been given a lot. Thanks so much!

Larry Sandul

No No sooner did I hang up- my sister called and texted a photo. The bouquet was absolutely gorgeous- thanks so much- you guys are wonderful.

Sincerely Bree Pepper

Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for the gorgeous flower arrangement you did for my daughter. She just sent me a photo of them, they are beautiful. Best wishes to you


I have been using Michelle's Floral Boutique for years, even back when she was out of the Sundance location. The quality of her work and arrangements are second to none. Ordering is easy, efficient and deliveries always bring smiles and joy to those that receive them. Thank you Michelle, for sharing joy, care and kindness in the world!

Mme Rayna Bergerman

Thank you, Michelle. She loved her Xmas centre piece!❤️ I will keep you in mind for all my future florist needs. 👍🏻👍🏻

Ruth Donovan

Thank you Michelle! I saw the photo of the arrangement you delivered to Daria yesterday. You’ve exceeded my expectations as usually. I was inspired by the piece of art you’ve created and spent yesterday evening creating a Christmas wreath for my home :) Thank you for the great service and inspiration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Hi Michelle - I just wanted to let you know how happy Nan was with her flowers - she said they were just beautiful! She was also very pleased that you called her to see if the flowers had been delivered - she wasn’t at home so she was able to call her daughter to get the flowers and put them in her house. Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers and great service! Barb

Barbara Walters

You never seize to amaze me with your creative mind - the flower arrangement is absolutely stunning and he loved it! Thank you so much Michelle

Tsveta TsuuT'ina Nation Police

Hi Michelle The flowers were beautiful and well received by just about everyone. I will be back. thank you, your arrangements look amazing!

Franc Madden

Greeting Michelle, Thank you for your invoice and the pictures of a beautiful bouquet. The flowers were well received and in chatting with Frank & Silvana, was informed you did their wedding flowers 25 years ago! Now how cool is that! Thanks again for getting a lovely bouquet to my friends, so appreciated!

Cheers, Marney

 I just need to give a shout out to Michelle's Floral Boutique Ltd. They have been in Sundance for 30 years. When I saw they closed up in Sundance I was so sad. I didn’t know they moved! A week and half ago I received a phone call asking if I got the flowers they delivered. I explained that I was unexpectedly out of town and didn’t know when and she said not to worry - to call when I am back and they will redeliver. I hadn’t called and so she phoned yesterday and I said I would be back today: they arrived and she waited and waved when I picked them up.

Deanna Burgart

Michelle Thank you so much for your work. I received a thank you phone call already, they were blown away by how beautiful the arrangement is. Have a great day.

Lee Cooper

Hi Michelle, Since I do not have a chance to see you on weekly basis, please accept this “Thank You” note for amazingly beautiful floral arrangements for Eve and me. Regardless of Covid or Winter or Other Calamities, your bouquets are always fresh and a real pleasure to have in our house.

Many thanks again, Ron & Eve.

Thank you for such beautiful corsages and bout....... Isabella was so happy with both. I wasn't with her when they put on today's and asked her to send pictures. She said... it's absolutely gorgeous. Like I am obsessed. Here are the pictures she sent! Have a great long Canada day weekend! Thank you so much for everything!!

Corinne Ball

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for the outstanding arrangement that you sent on our behalf to Cheryl yesterday! She was just thrilled, and sent me a picture. They were just gorgeous and beautifully arranged. Considering that I was very vague in my description in what I hoped for, somehow you read between the lines and captured what I was trying to say perfectly! Thanks again for your excellence and great service! Hoping you have much success in your business; you sure deserve it!

Best regards, Anne McLaughlin

Hi - Just a quick note to say that I got your confirmation of my order and to thank you for your service. I've been ordering from you for several years now and have always been happy with both the quality of the flowers you provide and your customer service (one year, the flowers were apparently not up to scratch and when my mother got in touch with you, you immediately came back with another bouquet). Your ability to help out people living at a distance AND during a pandemic is very much appreciated. I am currently living in the Sudan and was not able to visit my family before leaving, so knowing that I can rely on you for an order that my Mum will appreciate is really great.

Thanks very, very much! Barry Parkinson

I just wanted to say a few words to say thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you delivered. It made a graduate of 2021 very Happy considering all the circumstances we have all faced due to Covid. Thank you so much for filling lives with beauty through flowers.

Ravi From Vancouver

Absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much. I know they will be blown away and enjoy it immensely. It will definitely lift their spirits. My sister lives in Calgary so I will be sure to let her know about your shop. Thank you for taking care of us during this sad time.


Thank you. I am very pleased with the arrangement. It’s gorgeous!

Dolores Niebergall

Thank you for great over-the-phone service and a beautiful arrangement sent to my mother for Mothers Day.

Keith W.

Good Morning Michelle! Thank you for the most amazing service this morning, right down to calling me back! I would like to place the following review on your website; however, I could not find where to do this. 5 Star Absolutely amazing personal service from Michelle! When I called, the line was busy so she personally called me back, worked with me to make my order with a few challenges, like not having my payment information accessible, but she was amazing and said I could call her back with missing information but she would still place my order, then she offered reduced delivery services as well. Love supporting local with this kind of person service! She made my day and I am sure the flowers will also make the day of my friends too!

Susan Konski

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and Teddy you delivered on Monday to Tanya. She was delighted and surprised as she had been spoilt the whole weekend and thought that was it. Much appreciation Michelle and I am sure we will be using you again. Best wishes

Pamela ( Kinsey).

I just want to say a big Thank You for the lovely little arrangement (in the flower pot) you did for me, for my Calgary friend's birthday on Monday. It was just perfect and brightened up her day (and mine). I will definitely be ordering flowers from you again. Thank you!

Teresa (Nanaimo BC)

Thank you Michelle. You did a good job considering the tightness with supply/demand of product. It looks very nice.

Mike Virtue

I must thank you for the lovely flowers you delivered to my daughter in law earlier today. She sent us back a photo of them and we were very pleased with their arrangement and presentation.

Kind regards David and Helen Niven Morayshire Scotland

The website is user friendly and it was very easy to shop. The order arrived a day later than what I requested but they had a message on the site warning that given the Mother's Day volume this could happen. I called to follow up the previous day just to ask if this was going to happen and they were very friendly and accessible. I was expecting originally the order to arrive on Friday, they told me it might arrive until Sunday and it arrived one they earlier than they promised, on Saturday. I really appreciate it. The bouquet was gorgeous and my wife loved it. Thank you.

Hector FM

Dear Michelle, Thank you so much for the outstanding arrangement that you sent yesterday! She was just thrilled, and sent me a picture. They were just gorgeous and beautifully arranged. Considering that I was very vague in my description in what I hoped for, somehow you read between the lines and captured what I was trying to say perfectly! Thanks again for your excellence and great service! Hoping you have much success in your business; you sure deserve it!

Best regards, Anne McLaughlin

The flowers are great. We can also apply the flowers we need. Beautiful and well tended

Joseph Garapati

This flower shop has been here for decades and is a great place for the "Oh my God it's my anniversary" Kind of flowers

Aquatic Logic

the service was great and the flowers beautiful. the ladies loved them

David Corniciuc